Our company

TerraNostra has its roots in the last century, in the history and traditions of family leave which, since 1912, he has cultivated with love centuries-old olive trees kissed by the sun of Salento and caressed by the cool breeze of the Ugento sea.

The efficiency of his latest generation systems , combined with passion and experience, guarantee the production of a traced and certified extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

TerraNostra dedicates the utmost care to its olive groves to obtain fruits of the best quality standard from each tree, and carries out pesticide treatments with the "integrated pest management" system.

This system, limiting itself to the application of pheromone traps, leaves the natural biological balance of plants unaltered.

The harvest takes place exactly at the moment of the right ripening of the fruits and, within 12 hours, the olives are cold pressed at a constant temperature that is kept below 27 ° C.

Thus was born the 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil "TerraNostra" , a superior quality oil that preserves all the genuine flavor and authentic scent of Salento olives, excellent to be consumed, raw or cooked, on all foods and essential ingredient for a healthy Mediterranean diet.