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Primitivo red wine : a robust and enveloping wine, characterized by intense aromas of ripe black fruits and also presents spicy notes. In the mouth, it stands out for its fullness and structure, with soft tannins and a persistent finish.

Negroamaro red wine : a wine characterized by an intense ruby ​​color and a rich and enveloping aromatic profile. Its balanced structure makes it suitable for different occasions, while the typical Negroamaro grape variety gives the wine a distinctive and appreciable personality.

Negroamaro rosé wine : a wine characterized by a bright and inviting pink color and stands out for its freshness and liveliness. On the palate, it offers a pleasant combination of red fruits, with light and floral notes. Its well-balanced acidity gives the wine a pleasant drinkability.

Sweet rosé wine : a light and delicate wine characterized by a pleasant sweetness. With its lively pink color, it offers a balanced flavor profile, with fruity and fresh notes.

Sweet red wine : a fruity wine with a delicate sweetness. Characterized by bright red tones, it offers a pleasantly sweet taste that is balanced with fruity and light notes.

Chardonnay white wine : a fresh and vibrant wine, characterized by a bright straw color, has fruity and floral aromas, with predominant notes of green apple, peach and citrus fruits. In the mouth, it stands out for its freshness, well-balanced acidity and a clean finish.

What is the bag in box?
The bag in box (the bag in the cardboard) is a practical and safe system for
package, store, transport and use your wine.
It is made of a lot of resistant polylaminate plastic material,
which is filled without taking in air and inserted inside a cardboard box.
The well-decorated graphic box protects the contents from the air, preventing oxidation.

The Dop Terra D'otranto oil was a wonderful surprise, it tastes very good you feel the sun of Puglia. Congratulations to Terra Nostra.

Giuseppe Elefante

since we discovered oil from our land, intense oil has become our oil - in our house only and exclusively this oil. we find it super. thanks to all of you for your commitment and product quality.

Riccardo Villa

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